Tuesday, September 10, 2013

ATG: Template Error: category error 2

I started getting this error after a merge of code. No clue why this happened but it was impeding my work.

The CategoryLookup droplet (/atg/commerce/catalog/CategoryLookup) was the one failing . So I turned on debug mode to have more information. I got this:

14:01:43,960 INFO  [CategoryLookup] DEBUG Find item: id=BRAND_OPTIMUM; type=category
14:01:43,961 INFO  [CategoryLookup] DEBUG Item Found:category:BRAND_OPTIMUM
14:01:43,961 INFO  [CategoryLookup] DEBUG Is item in catalog catalog:masterCatalog
14:01:43,961 INFO  [CategoryLookup] DEBUG This item is not in the correct catalog.

A more expert person  on ATG told me there is a catalog maintenance page that is used to solve this kind of issues:

Basic Catalog Maintenance


Basically, I just ran the process and issues were solved.

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